Casa Grande is a town in Arizona, located approximately half-way between the more prominent cities of Phoenix and Tucson

It was founded in 1879 when mining in Arizona took off, largely due to the prescence of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

People Born in Casa Grande

Joe Jonas

Casa Grande in People's Lives

Joe Jonas: I was born here in 1989, the second of four boys. My father was a singer, songwriter and pastor, and my mother was a sign language teacher and singer. Though I was born here, I do not remember it all that well, and do not consider it my hometown. My family moved to Dallas around 1991, when I was about 2 years old.

Kevin Jonas: My parents moved here around 1989, when I was two years old. While living here, I got a new baby brother, Joe. We lived here for a few years before moving to Dallas around 1991.

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