Carl Linnaeus
Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist, scientist, doctor, biologist, and zoologist. He is considered the father of taxonomy and ecology.

Full Name Carl Linnaeus von Linne
Who scientist
Birth Date May 23, 1707
Death Date January 10, 1778
Country Sweden
Born Almhult, Sweden
Died Uppsala, Sweden
Cause of Death stroke followed by ill health

Lund University

Uppsala University

University of Harderwijk

Father Nils Ingemarsson Linnaeus
Mother Christina Brodersonia Linnaeus
Spouse Sara Elisabeth Moreaea Linnaeus

Sophia Juliana Linnaeus

Anna Maria Linnaeus

Emerentia Linneaus

Samuel Linnaeus


Carl Linnaeus the Younger

Elisabeth Christina von Linne

Louisa von Linne

Sara Cristina von Linne

Sophia von Linne

two others, died as infants

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