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Bloemfontein is one of the three capital cities of South Africa, its judicial capital. It is located in central South Africa.

It was founded in 1846 as a British outpost.

Today, it is known for its architecture, flowers, and history involving the Second Boer War.

People Born in Bloemfontein

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Bloemfontein in People's Lives

Rudyard Kipling: I traveled here in 1900 as a newspaper correspondant on the outbreak of the Second Boer War, my first journalistic work in over ten years. I stayed in this city for two weeks, and became good friends with Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts - who had recently taken over thsi city, Perceval Landon, and Howell Arthur Glynne. I wrote the poem Lichtenberg about the death of soldiers in a foreign land, and the poem was met with acclaim, resonating with many both in England and South Africa. I eagerly dived into the adventure of it all; while back at home, my wife Carrie fretted.

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