Bassano del Grappa, often referred to simply as Bassano, is a town in the region of Veneto in northwestern Italy, in the Venetian Pre-Alps.

It was founded in the 2nd Century BC as an estate farm, though some evidence has also been found suggesting that the area was inhabited since the 7th Century BC. The castle, built around 998 AD, elevated this town to further population and success as a medieval town.

Today, Bassano del Grappa is known as a beauty Italian town, renowned for its waterfront, European architecture, signature pomace wine, bridges, cathedral and churches, and history.

People Born in Bassano

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Bassano in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I defeated the Austrian forces in the Battle of Bassano here in 1796, against Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser. In the end, the enemy fled, leaving behind many supplies such as cannons and artilleries, which we took to use against them. I liked this town and stayed here for a few days.

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