St. Patrick's Church
Ballymena is a town in Northern Ireland.

It was founded in the 5th Century by early Christian settlers.

People Born in Ballymena

Liam Neeson

Ballymena in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I was born here in 1952, and grew up here. I won a boxing championship here when I was 9. At age 11, in 1963, a teacher at school asked if I would join the school play. Since a girl that I liked was in it, I agreed - and I have been acting ever since.

Patrick, Apostle of Ireland: Sometime in the 5th Century, at the age of 16, I was captured by a band of Scottish pirates and brought to Ireland, where I was held captive and made to work as a slave for six years. Though the exact location is unknown, it was somewhere around Mount Slemish, to which this is the closest town. During my captivity, I experienced much spiritual growth and enlightenment. Though my father had been a deacon, and my grandfather a priest, I had never before been religious. As a slave, I converted to Christianity and worked as a shepherd, spending much time praying. After six years, at the age of 22, I heard a voice telling me to leave this town, and that my ship was waiting for me. I fled from my master, and traveled to Wicklow.

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