Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire and the first Roman emperor, reigning from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD, ruling for 40 years. He is still recognized today as one of the most influential people of the ancient world.

Full Name Gaius Octavius Thurinus Augustus Caesar
Who Emperor of Rome
Birth Date September 23, 63 BC
Death Date August 19, 14 AD
Country Italy
Born Rome, Italy
Died Naples, Italy
Cause of Death debated - possible poisoning / old age
Education n/a
Father Gaius Octavius
Mother Atia Balba Caesonia

Clodia Pulchra


Livia Drusilla


Octavia the Elder

Octavia the Younger



Gaius Caesar

Julia the Elder

Lucius Caesar

Agrippa Postumus

How Added - Because he was #30 on the "100 Most Significant Figures in History" by Time magazine.

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