Astapovo is a small rural town in western Russia. It was founded in 1890 as a railway station. Today, it is primarily known as the place where Leo Tolstoy died, and the town officially changed its name to "Lev Tolstoy" in 1918.

People Born in Astapovo


Astapovo in People's Lives

Leo Tolstoy: In a monumental, epiphanic decision to leave home and my wife, and renounce my aristocracy, I fled from my life in the middle of winter and the middle of the night, in 1910. I fell ill aboard a train, and when it stopped in Astapovo, the station master personally took me to his apartment and called in local doctors. However, I died here on November 20th. This tiny town was honored, in a way, to have been a part of my story, and eight years after my death, it changed its name to "Lev Tolstoy" after me.

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