Asheville is a city in western North Carolina, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the confluence of the Swannanoa and French Broad Rivers. It is the 11th-largest city in the state.

The first European in the area was Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto, who explored the eare in 1540. Though there were continuously settlers in the area afterward, Asheville only began as a town in 1784.

Today, Asheville is known for its indie downtown area, its weather achiving, its street musicians, and homeless population.

People Born in Asheville

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Asheville in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1993 to film scenes of the movie Nell. We filmed outside the city in the Nantahala National Forest.

Viggo Mortensen: I traveled here in 1999 to film scenes of the movie 28 Days.

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