Hair in the wind beautiful

Aquarius: "The Water Bearer"

January 20th - February 18th

Type - Air

Positive attributes: Clever, Witty, Daring, Original, Inventive

Negative attributes: Stubborn, Condescending, Emotionally Cold, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof

Aquarius are individualistic and strong minded, often with a stubborn or rebellious streak. They have a distinctive personality that may make others follow in their footsteps, but they are not necessarily leaders, but rather trendsetters that dare to go against the tide. They have a cool, even temperment and generally quite controlled, and do not become easily discouraged by hard times. Though romantic, Aquarius' enjoy their freedom and do not like to feel contained, or be forced to change. They sometimes strike others as shy or introverted, but aloof would be a better description. Their cool and reserved exterior can sometimes cause others to believe them unfriendly or unemotional. Unconvential visionaries, Aquarius are always searching for new knowledge. While easily able to be socially charming and charismatic, they also enjoy space and solitude. They are free, open minded, and typically witty and clever, generally knowledgeable about a wide array of things. They may tend to consider themselves better than everyone else due to their daring uniqueness, or be labelled a "know it all." They sometimes scorn or look down upon those who are not intellectually minded.

Aquarius People

January 20 - Olivia Hallinan

January 20 - Patricia Neal

January 20 - Robert Morris (financier)

January 21 - Ignacio Allende

January 21 - Sophia Jex-Blake

January 22 - Francis Bacon

January 23 - Paula Hamilton

January 25 - Alicia Keys

January 27 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

January 28 - Henry VII

January 28 - Thomas Aquinas

January 29 - Albert Gallatin

January 29 - Isabel Lucas

January 29 - Oprah Winfrey

January 29 - Sacha Distel

January 30 - Eiza Gonzalez

January 30 - Franklin D. Roosevelt

January 31 - Jackie Robinson

January 31 - Maria Theresa of Savoy

February 1 - Harry Styles

February 2 - Nell Gwyn

February 3 - Blythe Danner

February 3 - Elizabeth Holmes

February 4 - Rosa Parks

February 4 - Sergei Grinkov

February 6 - Alice Eve

February 6 - Babe Ruth

February 6 - Eva Braun

February 6 - Ronald Reagan

February 7 - Alejandra Alonso

February 7 - Charles Dickens

February 7 - Thomas More

February 9 - Erin O'Connor

February 9 - Ziyi Zhang

February 10 - Emma Roberts

February 11 - Elizabeth of York

February 11 - Jennifer Aniston

February 11 - Taylor Lautner

February 11 - Thomas Edison

February 12 - Abraham Lincoln

February 12 - Alice Roosevelt Longworth

February 12 - Charles Darwin

February 14 - Deborah Read

February 15 - Galileo Galilei

February 17 - Ed Sheeran

February 17 - Meaghan Martin

February 18 - Cressida Bonas

February 18 - Mary I of England

unknown date - Astrid Heeren

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