Anne Marie d'Orleans
Anne Marie d'Orleans was the Queen Consort of Sardinia, Savoy and Sicily. She was an important ancestral figure in European royalty, being the grandmother of Louis XV and the direct link to the Jacobite claim to the English throne, being the grandaughter of Charles I of England and the niece of Charles II and of James II.

Full Name Anne Marie d'Orleans
Who Queen of Sardinia, Savoy & Sicily
Birth Date August 27, 1669
Death Date August 26, 1728
Country France
Born Paris, France
Died Turin, Italy
Cause of Death heart failure
Education n/a
Father Philippe I, Duke of Orleans
Mother Henrietta of England
Spouse Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
Siblings Marie Louise d'Orleans

Marie Adelaide of Savoy

Maria Luisa of Savoy

Victor Amadeus, Prince of Piedmont

Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia

How Found - Throug her mother Henrietta of England, who was added via her father Charles I of England.

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