Angouleme is a town in the department of Charente in western France. It is located on a plateau overlooking the Charente River, earning it the nickname "Balcony of the Southwest." 

It was founded sometime before the 4th Century, and was then known as "Iculisma." Toward the end of the Roman Empire, it became a profitable merchant town.

Today, Angouleme is known for its flowers, cathedral, history, architecture, fairs, and events.

People Born in Angouleme

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Angouleme in People's Lives

John Calvin: After being implicated as a humanist in 1533, I was forced to go into hiding and flee from Paris. This was the first city that I sought refuge in, staying with a loyal friend. Conditions worsened, however, and I was forced to flee France altogether in 1534, journeying to the more progressive city of Basel.

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