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Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung is a English socialite in the fashion world, an editor at British Vogue, and was also a former model and television presenter.

Full Name Alexa Chung
Who magazine editor
Birth Date November 5, 1983
Born Privett, Hampshire, England, UK
Country England
Education n/a
Father Phillip Chung
Mother Gillian Chung
Spouse n/a

Natalie Chung

Dominic Chung

Jamie Chung

Children none


Chung's longtime best friend is Tennessee Thomas.

Chung briefly dated Ian Watkins in 2007.

Chung was in a relationship with Alex Turner, the frontman of the band Arctic Monkeys, from 2007 - 2011. They lived together in both London and New York. After breaking up, they still remained close friends. In a 2013 interview, two years after they had ended their relationship, Chung still referred to Turner as her "best friend."

Chung has been in a relationship with Alexander Skarsgard since 2015.

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