Aldershot urban extension
Aldershot is a town in the county of Hampshire in southern England, located 37 miles southwest of London.

It was first mentioned in history in 1086, but remained a tiny and little-known village until 1850, when it became a training camp for the British Army.

Today, it is known for its military prescence, numerous sporting events - including greyhound and horse racing, swimming, soccer, cricket, rugby, and car racing, as well as for its parks and pictaresque downtown area.

People Born in Aldershot

Ian McEwan

Aldershot in People's Lives

Ian McEwan: I was born here in June of 1948, the son of a good Scottish working class man, who had worked his way up in the army to the rank of sergeant-major. We moved to Singapore for my father's military job when I six years old, in 1954.

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